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Minimize Downtime in a Safe Manner this Holiday Season

  • Minimize Downtime in a Safe Manner this Holiday Season
  • Minimize Downtime in a Safe Manner this Holiday Season2

Minimize Downtime in a Safe Manner this Holiday Season

Plant shutdowns are a necessary, but often stressful, part of carrying out routine maintenance work that cannot usually be undertaken during normal business hours.

Typically, the goal of any shutdown project is to minimize downtime in a safe manner, allowing several teams of subcontractors to work simultaneously on site to improve its safety, efficiency and visual appeal.

Many plant managers take advantage of the quieter Thanksgiving and New Years’ Eve holiday periods to minimize downtime and any loss to productivity even further, rather than risk closing down the facility at other times of the year, which may prove more detrimental and costly.

As such, the holiday season can be busy for coating applicators, as planned maintenance shutdowns provide a unique opportunity to revitalize a flooring surface when equipment and personnel are safely out of the building.

The floor is a critical component of any plant, whether it be an industrial manufacturing, automotive, food or pharmaceutical plant.

When properly specified and installed, the floor can be just as integral as any piece of equipment to the safe and efficient running of the plant, facilitating enhanced hygiene and sanitation, minimizing employee slip / fall accidents and providing a protective, wear resistant and colourful coating for the concrete substrate.

Because of its visual importance and the sheer amount of product needed, replacing floors can be an expensive task.

Costs include removing old floors, any necessary repair work or priming work, installing new materials as well as any lost revenue due to business disruptions or costs associated with moving and storing equipment, machinery and any stock inventory.

On top of this, by the time a floor is due to be installed towards the end of the construction project, overspending at earlier stages or budget cuts can often lead to cutting costs on flooring even further. This can have disastrous results, leading to inadequate surface protection and the early onset of floor failure.

Investing in a protective floor coating can generate significant cost savings over the life cycle of the surface.

Flowcrete Americas has a team of STAR rated and partner applicators working across the US, Canada and Latin America, who are geared up and ready to tackle the upcoming holiday shutdown period.

Schedule a FREE flooring consultation with your local Flowcrete Americas representative today, and we will be sure to take care of all your flooring requirements from substrate preparation to aftercare and support.

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