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Introducing Flowchem Corrosion Protection Coatings & Linings…


Introducing Flowchem Corrosion Protection Coatings & Linings…

Flowcrete Americas has launched a range of anti-corrosive vinyl ester coating and lining materials designed to protect concrete and steel structures from the damaging effects of severe chemical and mechanical attack.

Power generation, pulp and paper, waste treatment, electronics, food and pharmaceutical facilities all require anti-corrosion coating & lining systems. In fact, anti-corrosion coatings and linings are required in nearly every area of industry throughout the world.

Many aggressive chemicals that are used in industry processes, or even those produced as by-products, can be corrosive in nature and can eat away at floor and wall surfaces when exposed.

This creates the need to install high-performance corrosion-control coating and lining systems – a need that continues to grow as industries continue to modernize.

Vinyl-ester based resin coating and lining systems protect the concrete substrate from surface erosion and prevent attack on the building’s steel reinforcement with consequent loss of structural integrity.

Increasingly, anti-corrosion coatings also have an environmental purpose, preventing surface liquids from contaminating the ground beneath the structure.

Flowcrete Americas’ new elastomer modified vinyl ester Flowchem range has been designed to provide enhanced corrosion protection in areas of primary and secondary containment as well as those exposed to aggressive chemical contaminants or even explosion risk.

Including high-performance, horizontal and vertical applied vinyl ester floor coatings and linings as well as a glassfiber reinforced system, the Flowchem range offers clients a wide range of systems for multiple industrial applications.

The range offers superior chemical, solvent and permeation resistance, excellent bonding and adhesion characteristics as well as very low vapor transmission rates.

The material has a long service life and exhibits excellent durability in the face of aggressive wear and tear as well as temperature resistance of up to 350°F.

The range has been available from Flowcrete in Europe, Asia Pacific and across Africa & the Middle East for a number of years where it has been used by major players in the power and chemical processing industries.

For the utmost in chemical-resistance and corrosion protection, combined with quick turnaround and lower life-cycle costs, choose the new Flowchem range from Flowcrete Americas.

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