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3 Words of Wisdom for Food Brands Specifying New Floor Coatings this Holiday Season!

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3 Words of Wisdom for Food Brands Specifying New Floor Coatings this Holiday Season!

22nd October 2015 Technical Expert

This week, Flowcrete Americas is engaging with food and beverage manufacturing, processing and packaging brands across the US, Canada and Latin America embarking on seasonal shutdown projects to improve facilities and carry out any necessary repair or maintenance work over the quieter Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve periods.

This time has traditionally proved popular for coating applicators as the seasonal shutdown period offers the opportunity to re-coat and re-surface the floor space whilst equipment and personnel are safely out of the facility.

Moving into the Seasonal Shutdown period, Flowcrete Americas has issued three pieces of advice to food & beverage brands before selecting flooring materials and finishes for their facility over the coming weeks –

Invest in the Long Term

While the initial investment in a polymer floor system can seem higher than other materials, you save money in the long run because the material offers performance benefits that outweigh those of cheaper competitor products.

This includes enhanced durability, reduced maintenance costs and much less frequent replacement requirements as well as less obvious cost-savings that arise through more efficient cleaning processes, improved hygiene levels and reduced slip / fall accidents.

Life cycle cost analysis should always be produced ahead of selecting a floor material as although the install cost may be lower, associated maintenance, upkeep and replacement costs may be much higher and come back to bite you in the long-term.

Choose Reputable Applicators

The installation of polymer flooring systems is a specialist skill that requires the attention of a trained and qualified application team.

Don’t scrimp in this area or consider a lower quality DIY resin product. A professionally installed and warranted polymer flooring system is more likely to outlast less labor intensive materials.

On top of that you’ll see fewer imperfections in the finished surface not just as a result of a qualified installer’s craftsmanship, but also because the trained applicator will be better placed to read and determine the conditions of your existing substrate, identifying moisture and pH levels as well as any patching or repair needs to strengthen the slab prior to the installation of the rein system.

Tailor Make Your Floor Finish

The food and beverage industry is astronomically vast, with manufacturers, processors and packagers all playing a different role in the delivery of specific consumable goods.

Choosing polymer flooring systems allows you to tailor your flooring surface to the unique and individual service conditions of your facility, so if you’re a candy manufacturer and sugar corrosion is an issue this can be built into the specification, if you are a meat processing plant and your floor is subject to constant hot water wash downs, again this can be catered for in the specification or if you are an international brand working towards a HACCP Food Safety Program, again approved and certified materials can be recommended in the specification. The flexible nature of polymer chemistry allows you to craft a floor that has been designed just for you and your performance needs.

Read more on ‘Making the Most of Holiday Shutdowns’ from Flowcrete Americas’ Managing Director in CoatingsPro Magazine.

Alternatively, schedule a floor consultation with your local Flowcrete Americas’ representative by emailing

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