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Cream of the Crop Flooring for Mariposa Dairy’s Expansion


Cream of the Crop Flooring for Mariposa Dairy’s Expansion

When the award-winning Ontario cheese-maker Mariposa Dairy undertook a substantial upgrade of its facility, they knew that they had to choose the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and building materials.

This focus on meeting the highest dairy industry standards was essential to creating a facility able to accommodate rising packaging volumes, expansion into overseas markets as well as finding efficiencies through reduced water use and meeting Europe’s strict quality control standards for its burgeoning export market.

In 2014 the dairy processed eight million litres of goat’s milk – up from 4.5 million litres in 2012. Rising demand from supermarkets and stockists of the company’s popular artisanal goats and sheep cheeses drove this rapid increase. To continue this pace and keep up with demand, the dairy decided to construct a new 40,000 sq ft facility.

Bruce and Sharon Vandenberg, Mariposa Dairy’s owners, knew that choosing the right floor area would be crucial, as a floor finish liable to fail could hamper their ambitious growth plans. A cracked or porous surface can become a prime site of bacterial growth, which could lead to dangerous contamination events.

To achieve a hygienic floor area, Flowcrete Americas supplied 8,000 sq ft of methyl methacrylate (MMA) flooring to create a seamless, hard wearing floor finish. A combination of the fast curing systems Flowfast Quartz, installed at 160 mils, and Flowfast Flakes, installed at 120 mils, was used for the project.

To find out more about creating a hygienic floor area in dairy industry environments, click here to download Flowcrete Americas’ ‘Dairy & Cheese Processing Plant Floor Recommendations Guide’.

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