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Supporting Brand Identity in Luxury Car Showrooms

  • Supporting Brand Identity in Luxury Car Showrooms
  • Supporting Brand Identity in Luxury Car Showrooms2
  • Supporting Brand Identity in Luxury Car Showrooms3
  • Supporting Brand Identity in Luxury Car Showrooms4
  • Supporting Brand Identity in Luxury Car Showrooms5

Supporting Brand Identity in Luxury Car Showrooms

Luxury car manufacturers know that they are selling more than just four wheels and an engine – they’re promoting a brand message and need to consistently convey an image that sums up the ethos of themselves and their vehicles.

We’ve worked with a long list of high-profile car brands around the world to provide floors that will reflect the style of the company. Many a showroom has benefited from the shimmering lustre of the floor beneath its fleet of cars, provided by our resin flooring experts.

Such is the impression left by the premium decorative surfaces that manufacturers have entered into long-running relationships with Flowcrete to ensure that all their facilities have the same highly functional floors designed to support the site while complimenting the company’s image and overarching aesthetics.


Thanks to the success of BMW Brilliance’s first Zinoro car showroom in Beijing in 2014 the high-profile luxury car brand recently opened a second Flowcrete-floored site in Shanghai.

The pioneering electric car manufacturer was so impressed by the sparkling Mondéco Crystal surface in its first showroom that Flowcrete Asia was called in to supply the floor finish for its new facility located on West Nanjing Rd, in the heart of Shanghai’s busy commercial district.

300m2 of Mondéco Crystal was installed at the site in several complimentary colours to provide a decorative finish on which to showcase BMW Brilliance’s premium car brand Zinoro.

BAC Mono

BAC’s Mono supercar was given a platform for success in its new showroom with a glistening black floor that evokes the elite sophistication of the ultra high performance vehicle.

The British manufacturing company installed 82m² of the decorative flooring solution Rustik Glamourstone from Flowcrete UK to create a sleek black floor within its Liverpool showroom. This system is made from black marble pieces encapsulated in clear resin, which gives it a luxurious, light reflective lustre.

Rustik Glamourstone was identified as the ideal surface to display the exquisitely engineered, high-tech supercar, thanks to its ability to combine functionality with stylish, contemporary aesthetics.

BAC has chosen to work with Flowcrete across its showrooms and marketing events to ensure a continuous brand image. We’ve been placed on the specification list for BAC Mono’s new showrooms in Scandinavia and Northern Europe and our in-house project management service has even helped to create an exhibition stand from the same decorative stone-carpet flooring system.

Bentley Motors & Jaguar

Car builders including Bentley and Jaguar have also turned to Flowcrete UK in the past to help them make sure that the floors within their manufacturing facilities and showrooms are of the same high standard as the cars they create.

To this end Bentley’s main production facility in Crewe, Cheshire, installed several of Flowcrete’s hard-wearing resin systems as part of a £64 million refurbishment. Jaguar also installed the same systems across multiple manufacturing sites throughout the UK.

Flooring Specification Advice

If you’re embarking on a car showroom design project and want to know how our flooring solutions can create an on-brand, durable surface then sign up to one of our CPD seminars.

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