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Flowfresh Floors Attain HACCP International Certification

  • Flowfresh Floors Attain HACCP International Certification
  • Flowfresh Floors Attain HACCP International Certification2
  • Flowfresh Floors Attain HACCP International Certification3

Flowfresh Floors Attain HACCP International Certification

Our Flowfresh flooring range has recently been certified by the food safety standards organisation HACCP International, thanks to its ability to create an ultra hygienic surface within food industry facilities.

This certification means that food and beverage producers operating a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) based food safety programme can specify flooring materials, secure in the knowledge that they will meet the relevant regulatory authority’s standards for safe procurement, production and processing as well as the requirements of the world’s leading quality and food safety standards.

The polyurethane range meets the strict HACCP guidelines, which state that a seamless and impervious finish must be maintained at all times, even when the floor is subjected to a large-scale food processing facility’s intense working environment.

To provide food manufacturers with a floor that goes above and beyond the highest food safety standards, we’ve created Flowfresh out of an exclusive global partnership with the antimicrobials manufacturer Polygiene®.  A silver-ion based bactericidal additive is homogenously distributed throughout the Flowfresh material to complement regular floor cleaning and hygiene practices between the site’s scheduled wash cycles.

To meet the HACCP International standard, floors also need to allow for adequate drainage and cleaning. A Flowfresh coating can be laid to falls and incorporate stainless steel drainage to effectively channel contaminants and excess liquid out of the area. Coving can also be incorporated to create a seamless, easily cleanable transition to the wall and even the floor’s texture can be tailored to best suit the on-site cleaning regime.

To find out more about how a Flowfresh floor can optimise a food processing facility’s floor area, talk to your local Flowcrete representative. Architects in America can even sign on to Flowcrete Americas new AIA CES training seminar about flooring in the food industry.

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