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Flooring Focus for World Facilities Management Day

  • Flooring Focus for World Facilities Management Day
  • Flooring Focus for World Facilities Management Day2
  • Flooring Focus for World Facilities Management Day3
  • Flooring Focus for World Facilities Management Day4
  • Flooring Focus for World Facilities Management Day5

Flooring Focus for World Facilities Management Day

The theme for this year’s World Facilities Management Day is ‘Building Resilience for the Future’ and is aimed at encouraging the FM world to debate critical issues such as business continuity, sustainability and energy management.

These are all key themes for Flowcrete, which works alongside facilities managers to provide them with the advice and materials required to create high-performance, long lasting floors that actively benefit the working environment.

WFMD strives to recognise the vital work that facilities management professionals put into the health, safety, productivity and well-being of people who utilise the built environment.

Alongside being able to provide information on flooring materials and applications, one of the main ways that Flowcrete works with facilities managers is to help them conduct an in-depth life cycle analysis of the flooring options.

This process will identify both the initial, as well as lifetime costs of the floor. Often this analysis shows that choosing a cheaper floor won’t provide as many advantages to the daily operational activity as a superior alternative and can in fact end up costing the site more in maintenance, repairs and refurbishments.

Justifying an investment in the floor early on will avoid the danger of settling for a sub-standard system and will instead inform a final choice which will help to build long-term resilience into both the structure and the business.

Whether it’s durable flooring solutions or hygienic floor coatingsanti-slip floor coverings or super resistant floor finishesfast-cure resin flooring or chemical resistant floor coatings, or perhaps even a combination of the above, that you’re after, we’ve got the correct resin formulation for the job!

To find out more about how to streamline the specification process, download Flowcrete’s eBook guide for facilities managers today by clicking here. If you’d like to talk to a resin flooring expert about how to get the most from your floor area then ring +91 44 42029831 or email


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Sheeba Sakthivel

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