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Food Safe Flooring Facts for World Health Day

  • Food Safe Flooring Facts for World Health Day
  • Food Safe Flooring Facts for World Health Day2
  • Food Safe Flooring Facts for World Health Day3
  • Food Safe Flooring Facts for World Health Day4
  • Food Safe Flooring Facts for World Health Day5
  • Food Safe Flooring Facts for World Health Day6

Food Safe Flooring Facts for World Health Day

On April 7th the world will be focusing on the global prevention, detection and response to potential public health threats from unsafe food for World Health Day 2015.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has arranged the day to draw attention to how global health and safety can be affected by foodborne illnesses and the actions that need to be taken to minimise these dangers. Food sanitation has become a key global issue for the organisation due to its long-term effect on the quality of human health.

Flowcrete India is supporting the day by working to raise awareness of how contamination in food and beverage production facilities can be avoided. This is a key aspect of the WHO’s drive to ensure consumer trust in producers, industry authorities and the global food supply chain.

Inadequate floor finishes can become potent breeding grounds for bacteria, especially if the surface is porous or if there are hard to clean cracks for germs to accumulate within. The on-site conditions can also quickly make an insufficiently robust floor finish deteriorate due to exposure to fats, hot oils, blood, sugars and food acids – not to mention the foot and wheeled traffic, heavy impacts, thermal shock and wear from cleaning.

Flowcrete works alongside food and beverage producers to advise on the flooring systems that will maintain a seamless, impervious and easy to clean finish that will help to eradicate and remove bacteria before it can contaminate the equipment or produce.

The Flowfresh range of antimicrobial enhanced, polyurethane floors has been designed by Flowcrete to provide an ultra-hygienic surface that will optimise the working environment.  This system meets the strict requirements of national, regional and international food industry authorities.

The silver ion based antimicrobial agent Polygiene® is homogenously distributed throughout the polyurethane matrix of Flowfresh. Polygiene® is able to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on the floor’s surface, delivering an enhanced protection against such potent pathogens as E-Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, campylobacter and MRSA.

To find out more about the available resin flooring options and how they can be used to optimise the floor area of a specific food and beverage facility this World Health Day visit our World Health Day microsite or you can get in touch with a Flowcrete India flooring expert by calling +91 44 42029831 or sending an email to

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