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Flowfresh SRQ: The Strong, Slip-Resistant & Stylish Surface Solution

  • Flowfresh SRQ- The Strong, Slip-Resistant & Stylish Surface Solution
  • Flowfresh SRQ- The Strong, Slip-Resistant & Stylish Surface Solution2
  • Flowfresh SRQ- The Strong, Slip-Resistant & Stylish Surface Solution4
  • Flowfresh SRQ- The Strong, Slip-Resistant & Stylish Surface Solution3

Flowfresh SRQ: The Strong, Slip-Resistant & Stylish Surface Solution

Flowfresh SRQ is a slurry-broadcast antimicrobial treated cementitious urethane flooring system, which incorporates decorative quartz to deliver a hardwearing finish.

The stylish, ultra hygienic system provides a positively textured and vibrantly colored floor surface, which is also resistant to thermal shock and moisture vapor transmission (MVT).

As well as its decorative appearance, Flowfresh SRQ boasts superb strength and its positively textured profile provides slip resistance by enhancing traction underfoot, making it ideal for both wet and dry food production areas.

The quartz aggregates in the system are broadcast on to a cementitious urethane slurry and sealed with a clear, chemical resistant sealer. Quartz aggregates are incredibly strong to accommodate heavy load bearing machinery and equipment, provide excellent anti-slip benefits and at the same time are pigmented to create the systems sought after decorative effect.

The quartz aggregates are available in a series of pre-blended patterns or solid colors as well as a wide range of finishes, providing design flexibility and the option for a tailored flooring system.

The installed solution reduces porosity and produces a dense, skid-inhibiting sanitary finish that minimizes bacterial growth, dirt and chemical penetration. The system also contains Polygiene® to reduce the generation and spread of bacteria.

Polygiene® is a silver-ion based antimicrobial additive placed exclusively within Flowcrete’s cementitious urethane flooring material – this means that Flowfresh SRQ is able to inhibit the growth of up to 99.9% of all bacteria, dirt and germs landing on the surface of the floor.

Due to its incredibly robust yet hygienic makeup, Flowfresh SRQ is perfect for meatpacking, slaughter houses, bottling plants, barrel and fermentation rooms, packaging areas and animal kennels, as well as food manufacturing environments that are partially open to viewing areas or subject to frequent site tours.

The system’s temperature resistance means that it can withstand continuous heat exposure of up to 180°F. It is also unaffected by MVT, allowing moisture to move through the material at a safe rate.

Overall, Flowfresh SRQ is an ideal choice for food facilities looking for a robust surface, which combines superior hygiene and slip resistance with the epitome of decorative industrial resin floor finishes.

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Mike Dzialo

4 thoughts on “Flowfresh SRQ: The Strong, Slip-Resistant & Stylish Surface Solution”

  1. Please send us a quote and/ or sample if possible. We have been looking for the right product for our brrel celery in our winery.

    1. Hi Maria,

      I’ve passed your details on to our team in the States, who will be in touch.


  2. Staci says:

    Can you please send some further information. We are looking to replace our flooring in one of our buildings and need to move away from traditional epoxy coatings that dont last in our industry.

    1. Hi Staci. I have passed your details over to your local team, who will be in touch soon. Regards, David.

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