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System in Profile: Flowcrete Rapide Topcoat

  • System in Profile- Flowcrete Rapide Topcoat
  • System in Profile- Flowcrete Rapide Topcoat2
  • System in Profile- Flowcrete Rapide Topcoat3
  • System in Profile- Flowcrete Rapide Topcoat4

System in Profile: Flowcrete Rapide Topcoat

Flowcrete UK’s Rapide Topcoat is a rapid curing coloured topcoat that is laid to an approximate thickness of 0.5 mm and can have either a smooth or textured finish.

This solvent free system is ideal for industrial facilities that need to refurbish the floor without incurring substantial downtime.

The methyl methacrylate formulation of a Rapide Topcoat facilitates fast-track flooring refurbishments, as its curing time is reduced to only a couple of hours. It can also be laid on top of a variety of existing substrates, including screeds and ceramic tiles, further minimising project installation time.

The exceptionally hard wearing nature of this system means that it will maintain its finish despite the conditions within warehouses, manufacturing and processing sites.

Colours and signage can be incorporated within a Rapide Topcoat finish. This can be utilised to provide on-site navigation, enhance health and safety and also create a more pleasant working environment.

A high slip resistance grade can be specified for areas where spillages and slippery conditions are likely. This is especially advantageous for locations with a high volume of forklift truck movement between wet and dry processing zones.

To see exactly what you can achieve using Deckshield Rapide Topcoat, take a look at a recent installation at Heineken Brewery, Manchester, UK.


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