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Laying Floors in Devilish Conditions

  • Laying Floors in Devilish Conditions
  • Laying Floors in Devilish Conditions2
  • Laying Floors in Devilish Conditions3

Laying Floors in Devilish Conditions

5th January 2015 Projects

The conditions on a construction site can sometimes make life extremely difficult for the developer, with uncontrollable elements such as the weather as well as unforeseeable delays and distractions creating a problematic environment.

This was the case when the Devils Backbone Brewery added an extension onto its facility in Virginia, USA. Known as The Outpost, the new custom built brewery would help to facilitate the company’s impressive growth and development.

The company’s owners made the floor a priority during this project, as in its existing building the flooring system had begun to fade and stain as the daily operational activities took a toll over time. To achieve a durable, attractive and long lasting floor, 13,500 sq ft of Flowfresh SR and Flowfresh SLB with an enhanced anti slip profile was specified for the new site.

However when it came to installing this system several issues were encountered: construction work was still going on, there was a large hole in the roof (through which equipment would be lowered in by a crane once the floor was complete) and on-site temperatures were getting as low as 15 °F (-9.4°C)!

Despite these difficulties Flowcrete’s team of licensed contractors got to work. The first task was to shot blast the substrate to create a surface that would bond effectively with the flooring system. Joints in the concrete were also filled in and a cove base was installed to protect the building’s walls from damage (and also provide a more aesthetically pleasing finish).

13,500 sq ft of the Flowfresh SLB mortar system was then installed in the cold storage, production, packaging and receiving areas, this was followed up the next day with the application of a Flowfresh SR sealer topcoat to provide a heavy duty flooring solution with an in-built antimicrobial agent.

In the face of these inclement conditions the entire floor project was completed in only five days! This was ahead of schedule and allowed the brewery to install their equipment earlier than anticipated – which was a significant bonus.

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Dan Ash

Daniel Ash is the PR & Media Manager at the global resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Group Ltd. Dan's role includes creating press releases, blogs, white papers and case studies on Flowcrete products and projects as well as educational content for construction industry professionals.

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