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Get More From Floors: Speed

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Get More From Floors: Speed

If your company wants to upgrade its current flooring system but isn’t keen on the financial hit that comes with excessive downtime, then a fast cure MMA (methyl methacrylate) resin floor coating could be the answer to your prayers.

Fast cure resin flooring can be ready for action in as little as two hours, giving industrial manufacturing firms a complete flooring system within a tight timeframe. Surfaces can be fully serviceable and ready to use virtually straight away, meaning downtime for your production facility is significantly reduced.

These days full chemical and physical cure can be achieved at an accelerated rate by utilising a methyl methacrylate catalyst. Not only that but advances in flooring technology also mean that MMA flooring now comes in a variety of different colours and finishes too.

Just because your company requires flooring that can be laid within a speedy turnaround time doesn’t mean it has to be drab and miserable in design. In fact, there is MMA flooring on the market which incorporates multi-coloured quartz beads as well as coloured, glittering or metallic flakes into into its design, meaning your chosen surface can still show off a decorative edge.

MMA flooring systems are ideal for application where a complete floor refurbishment is needed but operations cannot be disrupted.  In essence, they are perfect for providing a fast route to a better floor, without compromising on design or quality.

Both asphalt and concrete substrates are suitable bases for MMA flooring systems and can help to speed up the construction programmes of new-build projects considerably.

Combining long-term physical performance with a lightening quick speed of cure, MMA resin floor coatings make an incredible choice for even the hardiest of industrial environments. The robust nature of this type of flooring system and its wear resistant make-up ensures that it is able to withstand abrasion, chemical spillage and impact.

In short, MMA flooring is the savvy choice for facilities managers aiming to reduce disruption and downtime without preventing necessary refurbishment work. It is also perfect for new builds as it allows for follow on trades to access the site quickly with no fear of damaging the recently laid flooring surface.

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