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Get More From Floors: Safety

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Get More From Floors: Safety

Health and Safety is a colossal concern for today’s industrial manufacturing companies.

For the facility’s manager it is important to avoid costly litigation by ensuring that employees are able to work confidently in potentially hazardous environments, safe in the knowledge that all possible steps have been taken to minimise undue risk.

There are many steps that can be taken to reduce the severity of your health and safety headache – especially since flooring concepts have been developed that help to reduce the risk of slips, trips and other workplace accidents.

Anti-slip Flooring

One of the most common causes of slips is contamination that has been left untreated on the ground! With an anti-slip floor in place this problem can become a mere memory.

Graded aggregates can be incorporated within a resin finish by being laid between coats, built into the resin matrix or scattered across the floor’s surface.  This builds up a slip resistant finish and provides a positively textured coating to enhance traction underfoot.

Nowadays, it is even possible to adjust the slip-resistance grade of a floor to meet the demands of your production facility. Therefore if you’re regularly exposed to wet conditions you could opt for a more rigorous anti-slip profile.

Signage and Floor Design

Another practice commonly used to minimise safety risks is including bright signage, demarcation and instructional patterns within the floor.  These can be used to improve a site’s workflow management by outlining different areas, such as walkways, aisles, loading bays and stacking areas or to highlight zones exposed to potential danger.

Whether it is installing a specific grade of slip resistant flooring or including brightly coloured demarcation and signage within a flooring system, there are an array of options available to make your site safer underfoot.

Get More Info…

To see how you could get more safety from your flooring materials, contact your local hygienic flooring specialist team, or simply leave a comment below…

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Jamie Baker

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