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Get More From Floors: Hygiene

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Get More From Floors: Hygiene

A hygienic floor should be a central focus of any food preparation, healthcare or pharmaceutical environment. For all of these settings constant vigilance against contamination is imperative – making the choice of flooring system of optimum importance.

Hygienic flooring is essential in any industry where contamination could be fatal. After all, there are some things that you just cannot afford to cut corners with and a clean, durable, robust flooring system is most certainly one of them.

In the relentless battle against dust, grime and other nasties a polyurethane floor coating is ideal for reducing bacteria levels, as they can cater for all areas of even the most demanding industrial settings.

Whether your business is in food manufacturing, food processing or food packaging there is a wide range of ultra-hygienic flooring solutions that combine high strength with an outstanding antimicrobial performance that simply cannot be ignored.

In food environments, antimicrobial systems boast the ability to stand up to the difficult service conditions that can include falling bottles, dropped food, chemical spillages and one of the most problematic of all substances – sugar!

For those in the manufacturing sector, there are also some incredibly hard-wearing polyurethane systems that will maintain a hygienic finish despite long-term exposure to heavy machinery, wheeled traffic, hot water washes and intensive activity.

It is also worth noting that these flooring systems can be laid in a seamless application to eliminate the joints and cracks where most fungi, moulds and mildew are harboured.

With technological advances becoming more prevalent than ever in the flooring industry there are even systems on the market which combine this strong physical performance with the natural cleaning power of silver, to deliver a unique maintenance solution that promotes the concept of a hygienic, decontaminated and clean floor space.

Such systems are infused with a unique agent called Polygiene® which is a silver-ion based antimicrobial additive placed within the resinous material. This provides the floor with the power to eliminate 99.9% of all bacterial microbes that come into direct contact with the surface.

To provide this groundbreaking service the flooring material is combined with an amino compound that constantly emits silver ions. These ions kill bacteria settling on the floor, including E-Coli, Staphylococcus aureous, campylobacter and MRSA.

Perhaps the most mind boggling innovation in this new flooring technology is the fact that the process remains active for the entire lifetime of the floor. These futuristic capabilities do not fade or deteriorate over time, making them an extremely frugal choice when life-cycle costing is taken into account.

The recent innovations in antimicrobial flooring mean that these new products are unlike anything that has gone before them. If you’re looking to upgrade or are starting a new project get in touch with us to find out how these types of systems could benefit you.

P.S. Don’t forget to click the links to read real-life examples of hygienic flooring installations.

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