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Get More From Floors: Durability

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Get More From Floors: Durability

Damage and deterioration due to bulky machinery, heavy-duty traffic and physical attack are three common causes of flooring failure. Yet all of these are entirely avoidable if the flooring system used in the first place is sufficiently durable.

Remember, it is not at all unreasonable or unrealistic to expect a strong and robust flooring system when you’re parting with significant sums of money to fit out your project.

There are now heavy-duty resin formulations on the market that are at the pinnacle of flooring durability and are thus impervious to the long-term effects of physical aggression. These systems can have additional benefits tailored to each location – meaning that any facility can specify a solution that fully maximises the potential of their flooring area.

Even in the most demanding of environments, flooring systems are available that can provide the necessary enhanced surface protection. Sometimes this can involve using specialist coatings to provide extra resistance in areas exposed to harsh industrial chemicals.

Ensuring a safe working environment is also essential and anti-static surface treatments are ideal for dissipating static charge build up in the floor that could otherwise damage sensitive electrical equipment and ignite solvents, gases or chemicals.

Some industrial resin flooring ranges now include non-slip, positively textured polyurethane screeds as well as acrylic and epoxy based floor finishes to provide superior robustness. This is made possible by the durable quartz beads of which the systems are comprised.

Polyurethane terrazzo systems that contain tough flint and granite aggregates are also regularly used to prevent damage and deterioration to industrial floors.

Plasticising additives can be added to screeds to create a hardwearing and resilient screed layer, able to withstand all kinds of physical aggression and provide a reliable, cost effective solution. A high quality screed will not only protect the substrate and provide a reliable platform for the final floor finish but it can even incorporate additional elements such as underfloor heating or acoustic insulation.

So there you have it. A wealth of practical flooring options are available that can combat all of the fundamental flooring problems that keep industrial bosses awake at night.

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Digital Marketing Manager at Flowcrete Group ltd, a world leading manufacturer of seamless resin flooring solutions for both industrial and commercial environments. Flowcrete Group Ltd is a Euclid Group company.

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