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System in Profile: Mondéco Mirrazzo

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System in Profile: Mondéco Mirrazzo

The Managing Director of Isocrete Project Management, Kevin Storey, has been at the helm of many Flowcrete flooring installations and knows better than most what benefits can be gained by using the seamless epoxy resin terrazzo floor finish Mondéco Mirrazzo:

This solution was designed with high end commercial environments in mind, as these type of spaces need a floor that is going to look fantastic yet which can simultaneously stand up to high levels of traffic and frequent cleans. It’s no good installing a floor that initially looks good but which then fails, cracks, splits, stains or scratches – as the location then ends up with an unattractive surface which defeats the point.

Mondéco’s functional and aesthetic advantages were exemplified recently when it was installed in the luxury bar area of the SSE Hydro Arena. Being Europe’s fifth busiest stadium, the number of people moving over the floor was a definite concern and so an abrasion resistant system such as Mondéco was ideal. The seamless, impermeable nature of the solution is also a great asset to restaurant and bar areas as it is easy to clean and maintain.

The aesthetic appeal of Mondéco Mirrazzo stems from the decorative aggregates added into the floor, which produces a sparkling, shimmering lustre. Crushed clear, coloured and mirror particles of glass and metal are used to create this finish.

The luxurious, deluxe look has been embraced by many locations eager to portray a fashionable, exclusive or high-end image, ranging from the opulent, salon style shopping area of Westfield London, Westminster University’s School of Architecture and the Built Environment and even within leading hospitals.

In today’s world of environmental regulations many developments are eager to utilise solutions that add to their green credentials. This was an especially important consideration for Doncaster’s Civic Offices, which wanted to use the latest environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies during construction. This led them to Mondéco Mirrazzo, as it contains more than 50% recycled material and its long-life avoids the environmental costs of early refurbishments or repairs.

One of the great things about the entire Mondéco range is its customisable design potential, as the colour, design and decorative aggregates can all be tailored to meet bespoke requirements! Tell us what sort of floor you’d design in the comments below – would it be bright red with marble chips, striped bands of different colours or would you have your own eye-catching artistic pattern?

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Kevin Storey

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