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Is The Shard the Best Building of Recent Years?

  • Is The Shard the Best Building of Recent Years?
  • Is The Shard the Best Building of Recent Years?2
  • Is The Shard the Best Building of Recent Years?3

Is The Shard the Best Building of Recent Years?

Around the office we’ve been asking, “what do you think is the standout construction project of the past five years?” A question that the staff at Flowcrete HQ have got a unique insight into, as many of them have been closely involved during the building stages of some of the biggest and best construction sites on the planet.

For few of our team members is this truer than with the Managing Director of Isocrete Project Management, Kevin Storey, who has overseen some of Flowcrete’s most impressive flooring installations.

Kevin’s nomination is the tallest building in the EU and the winner of this year’s RIBA award for Best Commercial Building, The Shard, and this is why:

“The Shard is in effect a 1,016 foot high vertical city, encompassing everything from offices to living spaces, public facilities, a viewing gallery and restaurants – all of which is situated above London Bridge Station, one of London’s busiest transport nodes.

“Asides from what the building does, it’s size, scale and appearance shows a fantastic amount of creativity, as well as sensitivity for the city. The architect Renzo Piano said that he was inspired by the iconic spires that shot up in the old vistas of London and I think that this makes the skyscraper a great link to the city’s architectural past whilst clearly taking its future in a new direction.”

Do you agree that the Shard is the best construction project of the past five years? Tell us what you think of this recent addition to the London skyline in the comments below. Do you love it or do you loathe it?

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