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Flowcrete Helps Aquarium Achieve an Underwater Illusion

  • Flowcrete Helps Aquarium Achieve an Underwater Illusion
  • Flowcrete Helps Aquarium Achieve an Underwater Illusion2
  • Flowcrete Helps Aquarium Achieve an Underwater Illusion3
  • Flowcrete Helps Aquarium Achieve an Underwater Illusion4
  • Flowcrete Helps Aquarium Achieve an Underwater Illusion5

Flowcrete Helps Aquarium Achieve an Underwater Illusion

Flowcrete Sweden supplied a floor for the stunning new National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet (The Blue Planet) which had to meet a very unique brief – it needed to help the venue create an underwater atmosphere that made visitors feel they have been transported underneath the ocean!

This was achieved by installing a floor that was exceptionally smooth and light reflective so that the shimmering waves of light created by the vast tanks of water would weave and dazzle on the floor’s surface.

The effect is most dramatically created in the main entrance room, which is lit up with flickering light spots across the floor, giving it the appearance of the seabed.

6,600m² of Flowcrete Group flooring solutions were applied using unique installation techniques to ensure it provided the required finish and that it would also withstand trafficking from the anticipated 800,000 annual visitors.

The Copenhagen based aquarium (also Northern Europe’s largest), located on the seafront of the island of Amager, is a fantastic architectural accomplishment and was recognised for its stunning design at the World Architecture Festival 2013.

The effect of the building’s design fantastically encapsulates the spirit of the venue, as organically curving walls rise out of pools of water and give the aquarium the look of a giant whirlpool when viewed from above. Silver plates covering its façade add to this effect by shining back the sky just like the waves of the sea.

7 million litres of water and 20,000 animals, including hammerhead sharks and moray eels, are contained within the five circulating arms of the building which also includes a 16 metre glass tunnel that visitors can walk through.

You can see the interior of the aquarium in the images above. If you’ve been to a building where the interior design created an effective illusion that added to the visitor experience tell us about it in the comments section below.

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Dan Ash

Daniel Ash is the PR & Media Manager at the global resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Group Ltd. Dan's role includes creating press releases, blogs, white papers and case studies on Flowcrete products and projects as well as educational content for construction industry professionals.

3 thoughts on “Flowcrete Helps Aquarium Achieve an Underwater Illusion”

  1. The floors look incredible, I love aquariums. The best whole experience provided by an aquarium was in Durban, where the aquarium was set in an upside down sunken ship. The attention to details was brilliant and really added to the whole experience.

  2. Areo – flooring supplier, which has carried out the floors at the site is also very proud of the fantastic results achieved at the Blue Planet.
    The floors at the Blue Planet are the result of a very good match between Areo’s excellent craftsmanship and quality products from Flowcrete.

  3. Alica Dyring says:

    Nice article. Thanks for your information

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