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Architecture and Eccentricity in Singapore

  • Architecture and Eccentricity in Singapore
  • Architecture and Eccentricity in Singapore2
  • Architecture and Eccentricity in Singapore3

Architecture and Eccentricity in Singapore

There aren’t many cities that combine architectural individuality, 16 storey artificial trees, world-renowned green credentials, an F1 street race and a half-fish, half-lion symbol (the merlion).

Singapore has all this and a wealth of other slightly insane but definitely inspired attributes – most of which can be seen in the island’s contemporary buildings.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel for example consists of three towers 55 storeys high with a skybridge connecting them all and a swimming pool perched at the very top.

The Supertrees Grove in the Gardens by the Bay Park includes 17 giant structures up to 160 foot high that are shaped like fantastical trees. Their purpose is to act as vertical gardens which simultaneously release purified air from burning waste material that’s used to cool buildings in the park. And if that wasn’t enough they become a massive light and sound installation at night!

Still in construction, The Interlace is a deconstructed idea of an office building and is essentially a series of overlapping, habitable bridges. The scale of the giant project is very ambitious and according to the developers is a “new approach to contemporary living in a tropical environment”.

All of this is why Flowcrete is very excited to have expanded our operations in the dynamic city-state. We’ve brought more applicator teams on board, increased the number of sales teams in the country and got a new head of operations there in Dave McNeece.

Flowcrete has been providing specialist flooring systems to constructions in Singapore for 15 years, including for the Singapore Racecourse, the Iluma Urban Entertainment Centre and for the innovatively designed Star Vista Mall, which is made up of odd angles and swooping lines, both inside and out.

12,000 square metres of Flowcrete’s Isocrete K-Screed was also installed in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel itself, to support the deluxe marble floor used throughout the hotel, convention centre and casino.

With all of these amazing buildings in one place it’s hard to pick a favourite! If you love the architecture of Singapore tell us which design takes your breath away and why in the comments below.

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Dan Ash

Daniel Ash is the PR & Media Manager at the global resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Group Ltd. Dan's role includes creating press releases, blogs, white papers and case studies on Flowcrete products and projects as well as educational content for construction industry professionals.

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